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  Who is Emil Tempongko?

How many people actually write about themselves on these sites. If you're here you probably already know me... unless.. Who cares. Whoever you are, I'm watching you. I was born in South Africa. I am 56 years old. I am a priest who loves children. I died at the age of 47. I have 10 wives and 39 children. 10 of my children have been my wife before. I was a scientist for 12 years and cured 8 diseases and or disabilities. I am strong. I work out daily and keep a healthy diet that consists of mainly orange peels that I find in the dumpster behind Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen is not my queen. I pledge allegiance to no one. My favorite TV show is Live Amish Naked Babes, because I too am amish. My mailbox contains 4 forms of fecies. I wish not to describe them. The vehicle I drive is a 1987 super time machine, fully equipped with a bat. The bat is for use on people who mock me and tell me that my kitchen sink is not a time machine. I am tired of stupid bastards who tell me I cannot travel time. They think only fish can travel time. Well let me tell you something, fish suck.
  If you did not understand that, then maybe you will understand this:
No people ? really you write concerning them themselves at these places? So if it is here, you perhaps already... have not known me. You worry or, someone. As for you, me it is in love with you who are seen anyone. I withstood in the Republic of South Africa. I 56 years am old. I love the child who is the priest. I died being age of 47. There are 10 wifves and 39 children in me. 10 of my children directly is before my wife. I 12 year scientists and eight sicknesses which heal and was with impossible. I am strong. I solve the daily newspaper, I who have consisted of the orange skin mainly maintains healthy diet find with the dumpster of rear of the queen of the dairy farming place. The queen of the dairy farming place is not my queen. I pledge to everyone loyalty. My taste tv show the amish which has lived being the babes and to expose, me excessively is the AM amish. My post includes four forms of the fecies. I would like to describe those. The car which I drive is 1987 extreme time machines where the bat is equipped sufficiently. As for the bat for using the people my kitchen sink which is it is not the time machine you deceive sea urchin me, call to me. As for me the fact that I who to the foolish coarse item am tired cannot travel is informed to time me. Only the fish time they think of that it cannot travel. The well in you whom I inhale some fish made that you say possible.
  Was that hard to understand? We'll try one more time:
The people? really do you write at these places in regard to those themselves, if? so so it was here, you perhaps already... did not know me. You worry or, someone. In regard to you, I see anyone who in your love that is. I resisted in the Republic of South Africa. I old AM 56 year. I am the priest who loves the child. I died being age of 47. There is a wifves of 10, my child 10 directly there are my 39 children before my wife. The scientist and eight sickness being repaired of the I 12 year, the impossibility it was. I am strong. I had become the daily newspaper, discovery of the healthy diet which has the dumpster of the rear section of the queen of the place of the dairy farming place cultivation which is maintained mainly from the orange skin which solves the I. The queen of the place of dairy farming place cultivation is not my queen. I loyalty pledge to everyone. My taste tv show the amish the babes which has lived, me in order to expose is the AM amish excessively. My post includes four forms of the fecies. I desire the fact that those are described. As for the car the bat which is 1987 extreme time machines which I drive is equipped sufficiently. In regard to the bat of use of the people my kitchen it lets flow and you who that are not are the time machine which the sea boy me is deceived, to my call. In regard to me me the I travels in order to measure time being foolish becomes tired, it cannot do thing to rough item AM the fact that it informs. Simply you think concerning that time that of the fish cannot move. You possibility saying well as for you suck the fish which has me, it made.
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