The Fragments
  The Fragments

"then someday i want to be someone i'm not!" he told the world.
"it's impossible. you can never be something other than what you are. you speak in your native tongue."
"then this is what the future holds for me: i will never be who i am"
"but you are you. and you cant get away."
"someday i'll prove it. someday i'll escape from myself"
the girl continued to teach him about creativity
she taught him that it wasnt that he isnt original
she taught him that he was never original
that day in class, we learned that every blade of grass was the same
and that because one day, for all of us, one day we would die
this thing we had in common. this "death". it made us all the same
the snow fell silently on the field. a lone snowstorm. it fell on no one. on no animal.
no one will fear this snowstorm. no one will realize it was ever here
that constant ringing in his ear. he never knew it was god
and all his life god was telling him to be good. he didnt listen to god
but god never listened to him
so she asked the world why it didnt understand her
"i can only understand you so much" the world would reply
"i wasnt talking to you anyway, you rock. you hunk of earth." she said
by world she meant the people standing on it
isnt this what we always mean when we're talking about earth?
we're talking about the humans on it.
so thost humans they kept on talking. they talked about time
and time talked about them. behind their backs
it didnt just talk it creeped
and when time creeped on by, they dropped dead
one by one.
the size of the square was one by one
the cube, one by one by one.
so he made a box out of this transition, and he built his one by one by one around him
he'll never escape the box, but there was nowhere to run in the first place
a runner found out one day that he's been running in circles
wasnt that the plan in the first place?
stick to the plan, dont question the plan. continue to run in circles.
we always see it rounded. why not run in triangles. why not hexagon your answers
yes or no. hexagon one.
"agreement is an idea. it can never happen on the widest scale" the CEO explained
"would you shut up and come to bed. i have to take the kids to school tomorrow." his wife whined
he never brought it up again. she never brought it up again.
it was the deepest thought in his life. and it would never emerge again.
he was in a car wreck a week later.
but at least the kids made it to school.
the little tykes of tomorrow. today was made for tomorrow.
how stupid is that? do i live for tomorrow or do i live for today
"tomorrow's another day" the man repeated.
"actually" his friend replied. "tomorrow is national voidance day. nothing is going to exist.
everything's pretty much a black hole tomorrow.. if we can even call it tomorrow."
"oh" the man said. "in that case.. see ya next week.."
the black hole skated along, blowing a bubble.
"did you pay for that gum?" mother said
".. shut up or i'll void you" the black hole said
then he accidentally voided his gum.
"i raised you to be a good hole!" mother said
"you'll do what i say. when i say it. now go kill yourself"
yesterday is another day too. does that give me another chance?
or did i just waste it on contemplation?
"help me" i'd recite.
but telling myself to "help me" is like telling a doctor that the cold is a virus
maybe one day i'll learn to stop helping myself and ask someone else
"i'm falling!" yelled the teacher
"i'm failing.." mentioned the student
".. fine. deal." said the teacher
the student passed that semester
if closing our eyes brings us to yesterday
and sleeping brings us to tomorrow
how do we stay in the present?
open our eyes. or use a different sense
if it itches, then scratch it. problem solved.
next up, world hunger.
"i'm hungry" the beggar told the man
"whatever you're just going to get booze. get a job!" the man retorted
"i'm just kidding. i'm really a rich man running half of corporate america" the beggar told the man
"haha. why didnt you say so? here i'll buy 10 stocks.."
"please keep hands and feet in the aircraft at all times" said the stewardess
"how about my head?" someone asked
"i cant tell you what to do with your head" she answered
"but neither can i!" the person lied
what he needed in the world was a right
but all he could get was left
the smoke flew frozen in the headlights
frozen in time. no inhale. no exhale.
followed by silent night
unholy night
"I can do this!" he said
But what was he going to do?
People overlook this a lot.
They'll always be able to do it if "it" is nothing
It's really easy to do nothing
Or is it?
Instead I spit the ice out like torpedoes
Cutting into the liquid whose form it'll soon take.
I am Ice
Am I Ice?

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