Guillotine +Battery- is a living, breathing entity. It started as a dream,
an idea that evolved with its harsh environment. This was not a
choice. It was a necessity. Words that had to be spoken, sounds that
had to be made. Messages that had to be felt. Guillotine +Battery- is
everyone who can be Guillotine +Battery-, if existence itself demands it.

  LAST UPDATED 12.19.07

Deathwreck has been recorded and posted!

Deathwreck tells the story of John Doe, a man whose life was shaped by the American Dream. Throughout school he worked hard for a GPA of 4.0 in order to get a full time job. He also spent most of his adult life working hard to receive promotions and raises, until a fateful day when he gets into a car accident that sends his car rolling and ultimately sets it aflame, burning him alive slowly. In the time that he is conscious, he realizes that he never had time to spend with the ones that he loved, his friends and family. He feels that he never really accomplished anything that truly made him happy and he knows he's going to die. He lived his entire life just "getting by." He wishes he could tell everyone what a mistake he's made, and save anyone from suffering the same fate. He screams his last words in a futile attempt to do so, as long as he is able, and no one hears him. Finally his body is so badly burned that he can no longer speak at all, and passes out. He is rushed to a hospital, where in his last moments he hears his own voice whisper something indistinguishable, until he flatlines.


by Guillotine +Battery-

John Doe, his 4.0's and big promotions
What an accomplishment
I know we're stuck in this hole but
There's gotta be happiness
This can't be the way

Crash, crash, crash and burn
You never live, you never learn
Crash, crash, crash and burn
The mangled body, the tumbling car
A wasted life tore dreams apart
Crash, crash, crash and burn

Can you feel your pulse?

Just great, got appointments at eight
There's a dinner in the oven
And I'm gonna be late
Can't wait for a bonus to waste
It's the life of a king
But nothing beats fate

Crash and burn
There's no way to live
There's nothing to learn
Crash, crash, crash
Burn, burn, burn
It's a pointless life if you're living to die


There's something wrong here
So tear me a new eye
We're stuck in darkness
So take this as your new light

You call this freedom?
There's no such thing as freedom


Guillotine +Battery-

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Guillotine +Battery-

  Guillotine +Battery- is born!.. needs to be fed though..
Guillotine +Battery- is:

Emil +Tempongko-
(Coming +Soon-)

Guillotine +Battery-'s current project is:
Nothing Is Everything LP.

Check back for updates even though no one sees this but me. mwaha.

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If Guillotine +Battery- and I would like to recognize our good friends from the late Fatalis, a true inspiration. Please visit their site and listen to them tear up the scene whenever you can. You can use their mp3s to temporarily tear up your little scene wherever you are.

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  Guillotine +Battery- and You..

There is mutiny in the human race, where traitors emerge and set things straight in any way, shape, or form, or sound - to their liking. They cannot flow with the sludge filled river that has become a shallow sewer of life, though they are just as rancid. There is only one answer. Execution.

They release in entirety both their theories of reality and their philosophy of being.

Like all, they are their own mental judge, jury, and executioner.

We are the ugly world population, interpreted in our own way.

We are the mental violence and pain you've all felt before and know so well.

We are not guides, as much as we are lone explorers.

We are Guillotine +Battery-, the dream evolved.

Guillotine +Battery- - (+/-)...
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