Uh... Hi. Welcome
Yes. I am Emil.
So?... eat me.


(3.17.04) Texas Trip Five 2004 is up now.

(8.24.03) what a badass.

(6.10.03) Skip the month of May? Second rate. I am.. behind. I am below. boring useless. nothing. second rate.s econd rate second rate. Yahoo Photos is messed up so i couldnt upload that other stuff.

(4.26.03) Ah, more pictures of hottie. uh.. her not me. Texas Trip One 2003.

lets pretend we're not needy
lets pretend our hearts still beat
lets pretend we fall in love tonight

so who is it that whispers in your ear
a haunting voice blows in through the window
theres no feeling floating over beds
a needy pleading apparition
crying 'who am i if im alone? i hardly exist at all. lets pretend that we dont need anything anymore from anyone. i dont want to feel anything anymore lets just pretend' well live happily ever after

(3.13.03) Oh yeah.. uh.. I changed my mind. Here is where the new recorded vocal samples are. Emil From Bliss TD 1 and 2.

(3.13.03) I'm updating this at school. CUZ I'M BORED. also I have something to say: A couple days ago I recorded a more audible version of Emil From Bliss TD, but I don't think it's small enough to be uploaded onto here. I'll probably send it to you whoever you are anyway. Austin's studio is fun. Okay. Spring has begun, and it's good. ta ta.. H. waitwait. oh yeah... us playing at frisco? not gonna happen. no time. oh well.

(2.23.03) Extra Shots added to Mich Trip Four 2002-3 photos.

(2.20.03) mmm.. Mich Trip Five 2003 added. I want to escape again..

(2.6.03) Oh, THAT old story. Yeah.. the milk was a failure. haha. Valentines a week from tomorrow. aw, I miss my sweetheart. Here's what's in the news: Guillotine +Battery- has just been inspired to play at that talent show. So.. I hope it happens. Yep.

(1.17.03) I'm sure that milk has been on the roof for a week now.. but it has been too cold outside. It was probably cryogenically frozen or something. I hope something interesting will become of this.

(1.5.03) It's a new year. New trip, new photos. Location: Mich Trip Four 2002-3.

(11.9.02) Trip photos added. Location: Mich Trip Two 2002 and Mich Trip Three (Nov) 2002.

(11.9.02) Emil II Sighted.

(10.21.02) Adelaide vocal sample uploaded. Location: Guillotine +Battery- section.

(9.15.02) News when necessary. Yeah. - Guillotine +Battery- vocal samples uploaded. Location: Guillotine +Battery- section (duh).

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  Vision of Disorder Imprint (1998)

2. Twelve Steps to Nothing 3:41
11. Jada Bloom 4:18

There is a great and even greater chance that no one will go to this site, but there is a Disorder Book in case anyone wants to leave a skidmark or two in my underpants.

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