I am a thinker. Danger. LOST OPHY

  Lost Ophy

i am so fucking tired. not just physically tired. i'm mentally tired. philosophy. what other people believe. to .. be fact. or their opinions. i've figured it out. i've figured.. something.. out.

i'm so tired of philosophy shit. i hate what people believe now. i hate what people think...

... unless it pleases my mind. unless i agree. anything else is bullshit.

"we are all selfish. in a sense. in the end, we care about ourselves. of course, there are few exceptions we actually actually care about. few."

so here's my conclusion. if i dont like it, fuck it. if what you say makes me go "wow. i cant believe how flawless that thought is. i'll never forget it" (even if i do, i acknowledged it.), then i'm set. i'm happy.

it came to my attention that humans are the only creatures who care to thrive more than survive. it's true. want over need. emotion over logic. i wouldnt want to argue this at all. i want what i want.

if i am doing what i want to do, i am not wasting my life. if i am doing what i should be doing, after what i want to be doing, i am not wasting my life. if i am doing, what i am forced to do (ex. waiting in a car to get to a destination), i am not wasting my life. if i feel that i had no choice, i am not wasting my life.

.. if i am happy, i am not wasting my life.
... if i am being improved, i am not wasting my life.
... i am always improving.

if i do not later regret what i am doing or what i have done, i am not wasting my life.
.. i do not regret what i have done, for if it had not been done, i would now be what i am this very moment.
i am what i am, and i am most comfortable with what i am. i do not regret.

I am not a wasted life.

I love, I fear, I hate, I care, I feel, I know, I think, I function, I appreciate, I understand, I do, I improve, I succeed, I see, I control, I will, I inform, I give, I take, I steal, I hurt, I heal, I am.

I am not hiding.

You do not need to see a person to know them.
You do not need to touch a person to feel them.

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