I am a thinker. Danger. NOW THE RICH

  Part 1

it's over. school that is. it's gone. relief

analogy: a fly only lives one day. you live only one day. assuming you will never be swatted, be not a pest. will you have a good day today?

now look you. look at you and your symbolism. i've seen the greatest of poetry. what do i care about poetry. i hate analyzing things cuz i hate it when people analyze so much when i am the analyzer of analyzers. in analysis of myself I AM HYPOCRITE CITY.

i know no one wants to be a hypocrite. all people who judge, all who are.. all who live. you're all hypocrites in one way or another. you want to teach people to pass without your flaws. you only try. but no one knows what's best.

perception. a beautiful description. it's the answer... the key. some facts are perfect proveable facts. most facts are opinions. distorted definitions of words that mean different things to everyone. you dont understand me, reader? sit down. let professor idiot (me) learn you a little philosophy.

everything is about perception. all opinions, all definitions. why do we have different languages. different ways to say the same thing. read me all allegory like. look at this on two levels. you can do it. you wont try though. (i know this).

this is a road. this thing i'm walking on? isnt it great. hot pavement... i could cook an egg on it. but i'm not hungry. that's not the point. look at this road. i like it. i like roads. a road is everything i want and more. take this person here though. look at him. he's just standing there... licking his ice cream while walking his dog.

i'm picking the gravel at this road. wow. it's so neat. interesting. one of each rock and a weed can poke through cracks. did you ever wonder how pot holes get there? i did. i dont even know. perhaps i'll never know.

all knowledgeable. all powerful. a goal to reach right?... humans are taught to set goals. what happens when the goal is set impossibly high. why set goals if we have an extent.

some say try your hardest. are you going to take some's advice?

one rambling to another. this isnt the road to success. i'm nothing special. hey, if you're reading this, you're tolerating it, arent you.. hah... i suppose someone who would tolerate this as much as you deserves something. maybe i'll give you something when our paths cross.

dear reader, you have potential. so long as you use it you are more special than me. i'll keep my image in the eyes of others. if you dont know me, then you will not know me. i'm to that point.

i'm wrong.


flawless is something hard to find. i find it all the time until it becomes flaw.. ful. just like flavor. there are more ice creams than chocolate and vanilla you know. i hate the taste ice cream leaves in my mouth. i hate root beer too. fucking root beer.

hah. you thought i was intelligent or something. good god you were wrong. what gave away my idiotness? i'll let you decide.

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