Visions. 9.12.02

  Visions 9.12.02

there's something i see
in every one of you

and i'm getting sick

there's something i believe
that i just wont find

and i'm getting tired

there's a fault in it
the rule of the land

and the crack's getting wider

cant dream when you look at the sky
cant smile when you control the mind
cant feel when touched by gold
cant flee when cornered by fear

and it's just too bad that you cant see
too fucking bad you'll never believe
a faulty land with flawless mind
i'm sick and tired of all this kind

and it's too fucking bad that you wont see
too god damn bad you cant dream or smile or feel or flee
i'm fucking tired, and you are too
you know you'll never know

fuck it all cuz of 'understand'
in the sewage of earth
in the beauty of trees

impossible is only a foot away
but possible is for the lazy

and with the sick, and tired, and flawed, and shit
stupid me, and the blind,
we all see

the crack in the wall that lets out the beams
the light of the broken hopes and dreams

the bloom in the ugliest bud
to the pearl of the bush

the shoes on the bare feet of the fucked

and the music to the deaf

feel the thirst of the famished

the rest of the tired

and the recovery of sick

it's not over 'til it's over

so you, and me, and all that i say
on this stage of lobe
and river of card

this good is good
only why we see
the sight of sights
because it is seen through eyes like this
through eyes like mine
those eyes are changing
to eyes like mine

in visions that repeat

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