I am thinker. Danger. NOW THE RICH

  Part 2

i kinda wonder how long this thing'll let me go on like this.. you know.. rambling. no way in hell anyone's gonna read it. it's not even god damn about anything. i think it's cuz it's midnight and i have nothing better to do but sleep. that's sounding really good right now.

sound. vibrations in molecules. compressions and rarefactions. it's amazing to think that there is actually a place with no molecules. is space really a vaccuum. you know what a plastic bag is when there is nothing in it, not even air? nothing. when nothing's in it it sticks together and stuff. and you cant pull it apart.. you know the sandwich bags...

you probly think that last thing was some kind of metaphor, cuz you think i'm all into metaphors, but it wasnt. or was it.

now that i have you confused i can take over your mind. i dont.. was i just watching tv? i think i was. too late now.

humans have two extremes. everyone knows the "jibber jabber" as mister T says.. about good and evil. it's no joke. i pity the foo who thinks as i. i pity the foo. if i were replicated, i'd kill the other me. some people i know know that i would not be able to stand a person that was exactly like me. i'd hate them. why do i tolerate myself. it's another of the worlds mysteries.

what is this for.. why am i typing.

recognition. respect. can i keep it all forever. will i give up sometime. will i decide that it just doesnt matter anymore. as long as there is something somewhere that i can close my eyes to look at and say "that's why i keep going.. that's why..." anything.. anything at all. as long as.

look at everything in general. it's easy to give up. it's really easy. you like rewards though. you love them. privelages. anyone who's reading this now.. i dont know you .. (maybe) but just look around you. everything around you is a privelage. it's hard to understand how lucky you are when you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth. it's even harder to understand when you're born with a gold spoon in your mouth.

we all live different lives. i wish i could understand everything. remember when i talked about goals. of course not.. no one's reading this. there's a goal to set. an impossible one. what if i made a goal to jump 50 feet.. i have an extent.

the deepest most philosophical crap.. will not be mentioned. true philosophy is unorganized thinking. everything you read is just a bunch of bullshit. forget it and think for yourself. i'm a dumbass.

.. that's what this is for anyway right? typing stupid shit that no one's gonna read.. just to get it off the mind and onto something more physical?.. electronic pulses.. this is just as physical as this endless hole i call my mind.

shit.. i'm still rambling. i thought i stopped like 567 words ago. who cares. i'm not apologizing, cuz no one's reading this anyway. i can mention that as much as i want too.. cuz.. yeah.. no one's reading this.

anything that reminds us of a time period such as music or.. i dunno a video.. unlocks memories in many different aspects. it's almost as if you can smell that time a year ago.. or.. see what things looked like. feel the environment. i always enjoy that but there's never a way to explain it.

there's never a way to explain a lot of things. this is probably the shittiest attempt ever, too.

there's never a way to explain a lot of things. how frustrating a statement is that?.. i know. some day there'll be someone that understands me. doubtful though. i dont even understand myself.

i dont need to relate in this way cuz i hate other me's. i guess i just damned myself. who cares. i can relate the other way. what? the hell?

i really dont know anymore. this is dangerous. i've gotta stop letting my brain leak like this.

last but not least...

"Hey man, I DUNNO."

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